"The McWilliams Brothers Band"

"The McWilliams Brothers Band", originally called
"The Buckaroos", was established in 1970 by Bob
McWilliams and four of his close friends. The
Buckaroos performed at various Pocono
establishments and soon attracted the interest
of other members of the McWilliams family. Over
the next few years, the band transformed into an
"all family band". They performed at local picnics,
festivals and weddings as they expanded their
venues to Northern New Jersey and New York
playing their Country & Bluegrass styled repertoire.

In 1980, some members left the band to pursue their
own endeavors. This left Bob and two sons searching
for new band members as they continued performing in
the Pocono area. In 1982, when a third brother and
one non-family member joined the group, the band was
renamed "The McWilliams Brothers Band". Over the next
few years, the band continued to be a popular Pocono
attraction and progressed to being the *Opening Act* for
such Nashville artists as "The Judds", "George Strait",
"Kathy Mattea" and "The Bellamy Brothers".

From 1990 through 1996, there were more personnel changes;
but the group still continued performing throughout
Northeast Pennsylvania. The group's repertoire now
included old country, new country, southern rock,
bluegrass, some rock & blues and even square dance calling.
In 1994, the group released their first CD, "Out of
the Shoot", which contained all original material.

In 1997, the group expanded to six pieces, but in 2000
they returned to the five piece configuration that exists
today. In 2003, the group released 2 CDs, a self-titled
CD containing 12 of their most requested cover tunes
and a CD featuring a collection of 11 Fiddle Favorites
by Bob McWilliams. "The McWilliams Brothers Band" still
remains a popular attraction in Northeast Pennsylvania
and plans to record another CD in the near future.